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New Look - New Direction - New Classes

So much is about to happen at our shop. About a week ago I stood back and looked at Bernina Edenvale, really looked and what I saw didn't reflected my passion. If you know me you would know that I love dressmaking and designing, that I love taking a basic pattern and changing it into the style I want. In addition to my feelings, passion and love for dressmaking and design we have also received numerous requests for classes and assistance on these subjects. I have so many great ideas that I want to share with everyone, I want you to share my passion and love for the subject and enjoy sewing, dressmaking and design as much as I do. I would like you to see and experience the results of making and designing clothing from scratch, something that you will love and be proud of. From basic dressmaking with commercial patterns, designing with Sure-Fit Designs and machine embroidered accessories. From the beginner to the more adventurous designer. Over the next few weeks you will see exciting new changes happening at Bernina Edenvale. Please bear with us during the renovations and look out for more updates as we progress.



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